Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The FCI is filled with STARS!

Staff Contributor: Erin Jevis

On a day to day basis it seems that either a talented member of The FCI faculty or extraordinary FCI alumni pops up in the news either in print, TV, or online. On this occasion our Dean of Special Programs, Jacques Pépin, and FCI Culinary ’99 alum, Daisy Martinez share the spotlight as the go-to chefs for
advice on how to become a great chef.

Daisy Martinez can be found cooking up a storm on her television show, Daisy Cooks! , however, she wasn’t always a chef celebrity. Daisy has always had a passion for cooking, but it wasn’t until a special visit to The French Culinary Institute’s restaurant L’Ecole that she began her quest as a professional cook. On her 40th birthday, her husband presented her with classes at The FCI at dinner, and her culinary career has taken off from that moment on!

As world-renowned chef, author, and host of numerous TV shows; it’s hard to believe
Jacques Pépin finds the time to be the Dean of The FCI’s special programs. Pépin not only finds the time to guide these programs, he often gives demonstrates at the school. He explains that “technique puts the means in the hands for [students] to express there talent”. Any alumni of The FCI will be sure to tell you that the first and most important thing you will learn at this school is techniques in which you will carry with you for life.

Check out our continuously growing star alumni at

Monday, August 21, 2006

Virtual Dining

Staff Contributor: Kate Brown

New Yorkers and especially food lovers at The FCI are always looking for the next best restaurant. Making reservations can sometimes be a research project between multiple food guides and many restaurant websites, but there’s a new player in town –
New York Restaurant Videos. Unlike other sites, you get a chance to watch a video of the chef, see the restaurant and even a few of the dishes they serve.

The FCI’s Dean of Italian Studies, Cesare Casella, was interviewed at his West Village restaurant, Maremma. If you’ve met Chef Cesare you know his passion for
Italian cooking, and if you’ve eaten at Maremma you no doubt know the talent. But…did you know that the only kitchen in his home growing up was the in the restaurant his family owned? Do you know what Maremma means? Here’s your chance to find out. Besides talking about his simple, traditional style, he shares several of his favorite dishes – salads, mussels, pasta. Just a “taste” of what’s in store before you dine.

Friday, August 18, 2006

How to Pronounce Like a Pro!

Open to all FCI students!

The FCI Practical French Pronunciation Workshop

Wednesday, August 23rd at 3:15pm
In the Amphitheater

Ever wonder how it is that pâte feuilletée is simply pronounced (pat fuh-ee-tay)? Ever wish you could spend just a little time learning how to pronounce French terms so you could communicate more easily with your chefs and classmates? Well now you can get the skinny on how to pronounce those big fat French words. Don’t let hard-to-pronounce words slow you down on your way to culinary genius!

Sign up now for the first FCI Practical French Pronunciation Workshop!

Not only will you hear how these terms are pronounced, you’ll learn why they are pronounced the way they are.
When you come to the Workshop you will receive:

• A simple, user-friendly guide to refer to later, which will enable you to pronounce any term, recipe title, or phrase that you’ll ever come across!
• A list of pronunciations for all those tricky terms and phrases in your books.

Sign up on the bulletin board opposite the library on the second floor.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Staff Contributor: Kate Brown

PastryScoop.com is in a state of Marzipandimonium! Does the thought of almonds and marzipan in your original creation make you go nuts? Then time to get cracking! Food professionals may enter up to three recipes that include marzipan along with almonds (natural or blanched) and/or almond products (like almond flour, almond paste, or almond meal). The sky's the limit since it can be a confection, pastry, bread, or portable snack. But you don't have much time. Applications must be postmarked by Friday, August 18th. As added motivation to get you into the kitchen, the winner will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip to Germany this October to demonstrate your creation at the International Baking Exposition (the world's largest baking expo!). For more information, please click here.

Current students of The French Culinary Institute may enter a separate contest with a prize of $500! Find out more and get application, rules, and details by emailing
PastryScoop.com or call 646.254.8542. For inspiration, stop by PastryScoop.com at 434 Broadway, 7th Floor or visit Chef Jürgen in the Pastry Department for a free marzipan sample. Submit your application to your chef-instructor by 5pm on Tuesday, August 22nd for a chance to win!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Student Appreciation Day

Staff Contributor: Erin Jevis

"GET YOUR ICE CREAM HERE!" shouted the Vice President of Student Affairs.

The student lounge was filled with excitement today as staff scooped ice cream and presented students with goodies galore. Cartons of delicious ice cream from the China Town Ice Cream Factory were offered up to FCI students in honor of Student Appreciation Day!

The FCI staff was determined to show students how thankful they were for all their cooperation during The FCI’s big renovation. With stairwells being moved, construction noise sometimes noticeable, and not so pretty hallways, student have shown great patience despite all the obstacles they were faced with.

As the renovation is wrapping up, students can already see their patience is paying off. Sparkling new locker rooms, a library that has doubled in size, and the addition of a bright and modern student lounge are already in use by current students. New kitchens and classrooms are around the corner and The FCI couldn’t be more excited, and proud of all the changes that are underway. So again, Thank You to all!