Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The FCI is filled with STARS!

Staff Contributor: Erin Jevis

On a day to day basis it seems that either a talented member of The FCI faculty or extraordinary FCI alumni pops up in the news either in print, TV, or online. On this occasion our Dean of Special Programs, Jacques Pépin, and FCI Culinary ’99 alum, Daisy Martinez share the spotlight as the go-to chefs for
advice on how to become a great chef.

Daisy Martinez can be found cooking up a storm on her television show, Daisy Cooks! , however, she wasn’t always a chef celebrity. Daisy has always had a passion for cooking, but it wasn’t until a special visit to The French Culinary Institute’s restaurant L’Ecole that she began her quest as a professional cook. On her 40th birthday, her husband presented her with classes at The FCI at dinner, and her culinary career has taken off from that moment on!

As world-renowned chef, author, and host of numerous TV shows; it’s hard to believe
Jacques Pépin finds the time to be the Dean of The FCI’s special programs. Pépin not only finds the time to guide these programs, he often gives demonstrates at the school. He explains that “technique puts the means in the hands for [students] to express there talent”. Any alumni of The FCI will be sure to tell you that the first and most important thing you will learn at this school is techniques in which you will carry with you for life.

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