Friday, August 18, 2006

How to Pronounce Like a Pro!

Open to all FCI students!

The FCI Practical French Pronunciation Workshop

Wednesday, August 23rd at 3:15pm
In the Amphitheater

Ever wonder how it is that pâte feuilletée is simply pronounced (pat fuh-ee-tay)? Ever wish you could spend just a little time learning how to pronounce French terms so you could communicate more easily with your chefs and classmates? Well now you can get the skinny on how to pronounce those big fat French words. Don’t let hard-to-pronounce words slow you down on your way to culinary genius!

Sign up now for the first FCI Practical French Pronunciation Workshop!

Not only will you hear how these terms are pronounced, you’ll learn why they are pronounced the way they are.
When you come to the Workshop you will receive:

• A simple, user-friendly guide to refer to later, which will enable you to pronounce any term, recipe title, or phrase that you’ll ever come across!
• A list of pronunciations for all those tricky terms and phrases in your books.

Sign up on the bulletin board opposite the library on the second floor.


Nancy said...

Dear friends at FCI:

Congrats on Hot Plate!

The pronunciation workshop is a great idea. Can menu spelling be far behind? I hope not. A menu without orthographical errors is rarer than a chunk of seared tuna in SoHo.

Perhaps we need a contest to come up with an alternative to hors d'oeuvre, the most frequently misspelled phrase in culination. Emails from catering clients leave me in a quandary. If they spell it "ho'rse douver," will they feel snooted if I spell it a la Larousse coming back at them? So often I substitute "starters," "little dishes," or even the Angloslang "nibblies." Forgive me for mentioning it, but once I received an invitation from FCI with the dreaded "s" at the end of hors d'oeuvre. Should we purists just give up?

O, a small matter in the all of it. Then again....

NHM said...

Can you please tell me if David Bouley is pronounced boo lee or boo lay?!

NHM said...

Can you please tell me if David Bouley is pronounced boo lee or boo lay?