Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Staff Contributor: Kate Brown

PastryScoop.com is in a state of Marzipandimonium! Does the thought of almonds and marzipan in your original creation make you go nuts? Then time to get cracking! Food professionals may enter up to three recipes that include marzipan along with almonds (natural or blanched) and/or almond products (like almond flour, almond paste, or almond meal). The sky's the limit since it can be a confection, pastry, bread, or portable snack. But you don't have much time. Applications must be postmarked by Friday, August 18th. As added motivation to get you into the kitchen, the winner will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip to Germany this October to demonstrate your creation at the International Baking Exposition (the world's largest baking expo!). For more information, please click here.

Current students of The French Culinary Institute may enter a separate contest with a prize of $500! Find out more and get application, rules, and details by emailing
PastryScoop.com or call 646.254.8542. For inspiration, stop by PastryScoop.com at 434 Broadway, 7th Floor or visit Chef J├╝rgen in the Pastry Department for a free marzipan sample. Submit your application to your chef-instructor by 5pm on Tuesday, August 22nd for a chance to win!

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