Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Student Appreciation Day

Staff Contributor: Erin Jevis

"GET YOUR ICE CREAM HERE!" shouted the Vice President of Student Affairs.

The student lounge was filled with excitement today as staff scooped ice cream and presented students with goodies galore. Cartons of delicious ice cream from the China Town Ice Cream Factory were offered up to FCI students in honor of Student Appreciation Day!

The FCI staff was determined to show students how thankful they were for all their cooperation during The FCI’s big renovation. With stairwells being moved, construction noise sometimes noticeable, and not so pretty hallways, student have shown great patience despite all the obstacles they were faced with.

As the renovation is wrapping up, students can already see their patience is paying off. Sparkling new locker rooms, a library that has doubled in size, and the addition of a bright and modern student lounge are already in use by current students. New kitchens and classrooms are around the corner and The FCI couldn’t be more excited, and proud of all the changes that are underway. So again, Thank You to all!

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Jodi said...

Look! Is that Christopher in latex gloves?