Monday, August 21, 2006

Virtual Dining

Staff Contributor: Kate Brown

New Yorkers and especially food lovers at The FCI are always looking for the next best restaurant. Making reservations can sometimes be a research project between multiple food guides and many restaurant websites, but there’s a new player in town –
New York Restaurant Videos. Unlike other sites, you get a chance to watch a video of the chef, see the restaurant and even a few of the dishes they serve.

The FCI’s Dean of Italian Studies, Cesare Casella, was interviewed at his West Village restaurant, Maremma. If you’ve met Chef Cesare you know his passion for
Italian cooking, and if you’ve eaten at Maremma you no doubt know the talent. But…did you know that the only kitchen in his home growing up was the in the restaurant his family owned? Do you know what Maremma means? Here’s your chance to find out. Besides talking about his simple, traditional style, he shares several of his favorite dishes – salads, mussels, pasta. Just a “taste” of what’s in store before you dine.

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Jodi said...

Wow looks like fun. Can't wait to check it out! This blog is GREAT! Thanks for starting it!