Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The FCI is In Demand!

FCI Culinary Alum and Staff Contributor: Holly Moore

I vividly remember the first time I came to The FCI. Not only was it my first day to see what eventually would become my alma mater, but it was also my first day in New York City. Being a small town girl from Louisiana, it was a complete sensory overload! Funnily enough, of all the things I could have remembered from that very eventful day, the memory that sticks out most is my mind is a small quote that happened to catch my eye when I first entered L’Ecole. There, below all of the pictures and cookbooks was just one sentence from a well-known chef whose name even I, a ‘newbie’ to the food industry, recognized. It read:

“I have so much respect for The FCI that I hire their students the day they graduate.”
-David Bouley

I don’t know why this stuck out to me more than many of the things that should have (like how to find an apartment in the city), but even two years later, I still remember it. That one sentence summed up the thoughts of an extremely talented, well respected chef who could have very well said any number of things about the school. Instead, he chose to use the word ‘respect’ – respect about the training students receive and respect for the cooks that we become after graduation.

I am proud to say that this feeling of respect is one that is shared by many food industry professionals. Our Career Services department recently held our second Career Fair of 2006 and it was a major success. Taking advantage of our new space, The FCI was able to house more employers than ever before! Both students and alumni were able to meet with representatives from close to 40 employers including: Townhouse Restaurant Group, The MGM Grand Las Vegas, The James Beard Foundation, Four Seasons Hotel Group, The Water Club, and many more. It says so much about our school that so many forerunners in the industry want The FCI’s graduates. I am so proud of where we have been and where we going – it’s definitely a good time to be at The FCI.

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