Thursday, November 16, 2006 and Dave Arnold Mix It Up at the Chocolate Show

Staff Contributor: Raina Bien

Judiaann Woo, editor-in-chief for, may know a thing or two about chocolate, but her knowledge of cocktails can be a little thin. So, when she was invited to demo a chocolatey cocktail recipe at this past weekend's annual Chocolate Show, she joined forces with Dave Arnold, The FCI's director of culinary technology and (unofficial) mixologist.

Armed with a cocktail shaker prototype of his own design and his trusty CO2 carbonation tank, Dave got to work mixing up drinks for an audience of 70 thirsty spectators, first carbonating batches of root beer liqueur to pour over scoops of white chocolate ice cream for a fizzy, grown-up version of a traditional float. Up next was his twist on a Cape Codder (in less poetic terms, the good old vodka & cran), a mix of homemade cranberry syrup, chocolate vodka, and a splash of orange liqueur, all carbonated and poured over fresh orange segments. And after that came carbonated chocolate martinis. Clearly, Dave's a man who prefers his cocktails fizzy over shaken or stirred. And strong: seltzer dilutes the flavor behind any drink, which is why he reaches for the CO2 whenever he wants a little bubbly. We'll have to wait a few more years to see if, as Dave hopes, carbonation technology hits the American home kitchen. In the meantime, based on audience response alone, we think he's already winning over converts.

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