Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cooking, Baking, and Restaurant Investigating - what can't our students do!

Culinary Arts Student Contributor: Shaya Klechevsky

Watch out Frank Bruni, The FCI has its own restaurant critic in-house! Join our very own Culinary Arts student Shaya as he reviews NYC’s most popular restaurants. Here’s a quick sampling of what he has to say…

Petrossian Paris
182 West 58th Street - Map
Corner of 7th Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 245-2214
French-influenced Contemporary

Ahh, restaurant week in New York City. For anyone who enjoys dining out as much as I do, and lives on a budget - this is a godsend, especially when you take advantage of the affordable prix fixe lunch and dinner menus at one of New York City's premium restaurants. Although restaurant week "dictates" that prix fixe dinner's are generally $35, Petrossian Paris has an all-year long running "Theater Prix Fixe" for $35 with a slightly different menu.

Upon first approaching the corner entrance of Petrossian, housed in the Alwyn Court Building, you cross the threshold of two massive convex glass doors in a substantial black wrought-iron frame, to alight a small ascension of stairs into the main dining area. As soon as you walk in, the opulence and character of the decor is evident. The bar, directly to the right, is tastefully decorated with pink Finnish granite, lined with fixed, dark gray leather rotating stools set in front of angled art deco style mirrors (which were situated behind the bar)…

To read the rest of this review and check out many more, visit
Shaya’s Restaurant Review.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Turtles, Pigs, and Polar Bears take over Chelsea Market!?

Staff Contributor: Erin Jevis

Show your love for animals as well as sweets, and get into the holiday spirit – this Friday at the 2006 Gingerbread Homes for Animals!

Once again NYC’s top pastry chefs will show off their architectural talents as they construct whimsical gingerbread homes inspired by wild and companion animals.

Presented by Rational Animal and the ASPCA and sponsored by, The French Culinary Institute, HEART, and Chelsea Market, the event raises money and public awareness for needy and at-risk animals in New York City. All proceeds from the event will benefit Rational Animal and the Picasso Veterinary Fund which provides grants to shelters and rescue groups to cover veterinary costs for animals in need of emergency care.

Be a part of the opening ceremony (Friday, December 8th from 1-2pm) with a performance from singer/songwriter Nellie McKay, a demonstration from Cakeman Raven, and an appearance from Peanuts, the monkey mascot of Peanut Butter & Co. Also you will have a chance to check out the gingerbread homes of NYC’s top pastry chefs including:

· Victoria Love, The Water Club (FCI alum)
· Michelle Doll-Olson, Patisserie Colson (FCI alum)
· Dina Bonnet and Jean-Francois Bonnet, Tumbador Chocolate (FCI alum)
· Matthew Hutchins, Tompkins Square Bakery (FCI alum)
· Bill Corbett, Dona
And many more!

These imaginative homes will be on display for all to enjoy at Chelsea Market (across from The Lobster Place) from December 8th through December 17th. Check out for complete event details.