Monday, September 10, 2007

Two FCI Alumni win Bon Appetit Awards

The Bon Appétit Awards are ten years old this year, which means that over the past decade they have paid tribute to more than 100 extraordinary men and women all who have made an indelible mark on the way we eat, drink, cook, read, and entertain. And among this year's winners two FCI alumni who are shaking up the restaurant industry:

Chef of the Year
David Chang, Classic Culinary Arts 2001
"David Chang is transforming the way America eats out. The 30-year-old chef with impeccable credentials (Café Boulud and Craft in New York City) has energized a new generation of diners - a group that yawns at white tablecloths but expects top-notch meals..." For more about David's award please click here.

Chef of Merit: Setting the Standard
Dan Barber, Classic Culinary Arts 1994
"Being a good chef isn't only about preparing a good plate of food", says NY Chef Dan Barber. "It's also about making connections between the impact those foods have on health, the environment, and the community..." For more about Dan's award please click here.

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