Monday, January 14, 2008

Feigenbaum is Co-Hosting "Everyday Food

Emma Feigenbaum (Culinary '05) is co-hosting "Everyday Food" on PBS. Emma joins the cast which also includes: Sarah Carey, Allie Lewis, Margot Olshan and Lucinda Scala Quinn.Feigenbaum also appeared on "The Martha Stewart Show" on Friday January 12th.Read more about the season launch of "Everyday Food" at News Blaze.

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Unknown said...

Hello. I am interested to know your career path. Where did you go to cooking school? How long have you been in the industry? If you don't mind, what is your approximate salary range?

I am interested in making a career change but my biggest fear is having a considerable salary cut and not being able to afford or maintain my current lifestyle.

How has it been for you and do you recommend that some enter this field? What do you like most about it and what don't you like about it?