Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Nate Update: Hummus Place

I'm an evening student in the Classic Pastry Arts program here at FCI. Food and writing are two of my passions in life, and I'm excited to bring you The Nate Update, snapshots from my life in and out of class.

Since enrolling at The FCI, I’ve been paying special attention to the many restaurants in my own neighborhood started by FCI graduates. Right now I’m eating lunch at alumni Ori Apple’s Hummus Place, which has a location situated about a hundred feet from my house. I’ve long been a fan of their hummus, which is smooth and flavorful, made fresh to order, and served with hot homemade pitas. But the hummus isn’t the only thing I come here for—most often, it’s the shakshuka that draws me in. Shakshuka is an Israeli dish made with stewed tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggs and peppers that is also traditionally served with pitas. If you haven’t experienced Hummus Place, there are several locations around town. Check out their website HERE for the one nearest you.

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