Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who Makes the Best Truffles in NYC?

According to Tasting Table, that would be FCI grad Kee Ling Tong (Classic Pastry Arts '00) of Kee's Chocolates in Manhattan.

Kee makes every truffle by hand using "a single electric burner and makeshift chocolate-tempering machine," instead of the expensive enrobing equipment favored by most commercial chocolatiers. And, using artisanal ingredients from around the world, she makes only what she can sell that day, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

With a taste toward dark chocolate and the savory, Kee's truffle flavors include Balsamic with vinegared pecans, Smoked Salt, and Blended Pepper with four different peppercorns, and sweeter confections like whipped cream-filled Cappuccino, Honey Saffron, and a Lemon Basil-flavored dark and white chocolate truffle.

Similarly innovative varieties of macaroons are also on the menu, and there are plans to offer gelato in the future. Flavors change with the availability of ingredients, and certain flavors remain seasonal, so stop by to sample current offerings.

Kee's Chocolates can be purchased exclusively at her two Manhattan locations:

Kee's Chocolates Soho
80 Thompson St. (between Prince and Broome sts.)

Kee's Chocolates Midtown
452 Fifth Ave. (between 39th and 40th sts.)

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