Monday, May 24, 2010

All Hail The Concours de Chien-Chaud

Hot digitty dog! Because celebrating Americas most maligned sausage is not just a good idea, it's delicious. The third annual Concours de Chien-Chaud (hot dog eating contest) is upon us, and so begins the race for the champion recipe.

2009 contest. From left: Student finishes last minute preparations on hot dog entry; signed posters from the competition; Kee Ling Tong, alum and owner of Kee's Chocolates in SoHo.

Split into four contests to complement the reigning hot dog, any student in our professional classes can enter their culinary know-how or eating talents in the following:

1. Hot Dog Eating Contest: Each class can send one student to dog-dine in the Hot Dog Eating Contest. Students will be tested on sheer skill of putting away 2.5 feet—that’s 30 inches—of pure dog, folks. The winner will continue eating on a surplus of gift certificates to some of New York City’s finest restaurants.

2. Beverage Contest: Who will be the Master Mixologist? Contestants will concoct an original nonalcoholic recipe to complement the main meat and will be judged by fellow students the day of the fight. The student with the winning beverage will receive a brand new Vitamix 3 Blender.

3. Condiment Contest: Everyone knows that the accoutrements are what give the dog its identity. What’s on your “everything” dog? To slaw or not to slaw is in your hands. The winner of this contest receives a three-day pass to the coveted FCI Charcuterie class.

4. Fund-raising Contest: Not down with the dog? Boo! Well maybe you like money. Try your hand at the most important component to this event. The student who raises the most money will receive an incredible collection of new top-quality cookbooks.

Although an event of this magnitude holds an importance difficult to verbalize, it’s for a good cause, too. All proceeds go to our fellow classmates in financial crisis. Last year we raised $12,000, and this year we’re shooting for $16,000! So come stuff your face, quench your thirst, or test your palate to help students who possess the passion but need the funds to get through their studies.

Franks, frankettes, and fellow francophiles, file up. Join us on June 10th at 3:45 p.m. in the FCI amphitheatre as we dine American under French pretense!

Jessie Nunez in Student Services will have the registration forms for the three competitions, or they can be downloaded below. They must be returned to her and be legible. (Night students who can't see Jessie can talk to Chef Phil Burgess.)

--Rachel Wingfield

Hot Dog Eating Contest Rules
Hot Dog Eating Registration Form
Hot Dog Condiment Contest Rules
Hot Dog Condiment Registration Form
Hot Dog Beverage Contest Rules
Hot Dog Beverage Registration Form
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