Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hot Dog Contest: Chef Jurgen David

Chef-Instructor Jürgen David teaches in the Pastry Department at the school. This year, he is in charge of the beverage contest for the hot dog fund-raising event (which we are all looking forward to)! It was a pleasure getting to know a little more about him and his opinions towards the beverage contest…

What is the most interesting drink you came across at last year's hot dog beverage contest?

Two, actually. One with cucumber and one with melon.

What are your favorite kinds of drinks then?

Iced tea, orange juice, and I'm also a big fan of carbonated beverages.

So what elements do you consider make a winning beverage for the contest?

Something that goes with a hot dog, of course. Something seasonal. An original combination that is unique but not crazy. Nothing like raspberry soda!
But most important is that we all have fun!!

Doreen Sia is a level one Classic Pastry Arts student, who intends on specializing in chocolate upon graduation. She's looking forward to seeing some crazy ingredient combinations in the beverage contest.

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