Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Dog Contest: The Condiment Competition

Along with the two eating contests and a drinks competition, the annual FCI Concours de Chien Chaud was rounded out with a condiment competition. The merit in entering this particular contest is that the toppings are judge by illustrious guest chefs and other luminaries. Having the likes of Mark Ladner (Lupa and Otto, NYC) vote for your creation is a stamp of approval any student would love to have.

Meet this year's contenders:

Michelle Adams
Classic Culinary, Level One
Condiment: Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Date Sauce
What was your inspiration for the dish? I combined two of my favorite things—sweet and spicy—and rounded it out with a Greek yogurt.
From the judges' circle:
“I thought the Spicy Date Sauce was really interesting.”
—David Kuntze, Book Binder

Molly Breiling
Classic Culinary, Level Two
Condiment: Ugly Dog Relish
What was your inspiration for the dish? I really liked the application of the roasted ugly tomatoes. I plant them every year and have to fight the groundhogs to enjoy them.

Jessica Young
Classic Culinary, Level Six
As a dual competitor, Jessica placed 2nd in the Beverage Competition
Condiment: Saucy Sauce with Spicy Tamarind & Caramelized Onions
From the judges' circle:
“The Saucy Sauce is my favorite. It’s delicious!”
–Anita Low, chef/owner, Annisa, NYC

“My favorite? Definitely Saucy Sauce”
—Henry Hawk, NYC Food Film Festival

Glen Cinguina
Condiment Contest Winner!
Level 6
Condiment: Spicy Caramelized Vidalia Onion, Pineapple & Mango Relish
What was your inspiration for the dish? I wanted to do something different and creative. I wanted to make something that represents our graduating class well.
From the judges' circle:
“The Pineapple Salsa did very well. There was an interesting mix of flavors, and he took a refreshing approach to garnishing a hot dog.”
—Jim Leiken, Executive Chef, DBGB, NYC

Johnny Iuzzini, Executive Pastry Chef, Jean Georges, NYC

Anita Lo

Rachel Wingfield graduates this week(!) from the Classic Culinary Arts program. She hopes to stay in New York City to continue to build on her culinary career so she can some day teach people of all ages to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Her favorite hot dog is served any style while she's camping.

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