Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hot Dog Contest: The Stiff Competition 3

Name: Lisa Gniewkowski

Staten Island, New York

Level: Three (Classic Pastry)

Ketchup, mustard, both or something a little more exotic? Definitely mustard. Spicy mustard is always good too….

What's your favorite hot dog side dish? cheese fries with bacon

Aside from the obvious and best choice, the hot dog, what would you most like to eat competitively?
I would love to eat pizza competitively, because pizza is amazing. And when I find a good pizza place, I feel like I can just eat the whole pie myself.

Can you divulge your winning strategy for the day of the event?

The only strategy I have is to break the dog down into three parts, and then go for it! Lets hope it works!

Sarah Kornik is a Classic Culinary Arts student graduating in July 2010. She would love to one day open an epicurean luncheonette in her hometown of Montreal. Like all good Montrealers, she can't eat a hot dog without poutine.

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