Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We Built This City

Some may dream of cities of gold, but for us here at The FCI, sugar is the object of our desire. Heated to extreme temperatures and then pulled, blown, and poured, liquid sugar is not for the feint of heart. It requires endurance (try holding very hot sugar in your hands!), patience, and precision (the pastry chef's byword). If the sugar is poured and molded, you pour it directly into your desired shape after it has been heated and colored. If you want to pull the sugar or blow it, then you must work the sugar with your hands to cool it down before it is cut into manageable chunks that look like large pieces of jewel-like pulled taffy (the old-fashioned kind). Placed under heat lamps to keep it pliable, the sugar is then stretched and worked until it is opaque. You have to work quickly because once the sugar cools too much, it breaks instead of stretching. Although sugar can be a challenge to master, it creates beautiful results. The rich colors and glass-like opacity are captivating.

One recent evening pastry class made famous destinations for their class project. We think everyone deserves an A.



New York City



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