Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taking back October

Wandering about the streets this past Saturday, I was greatly dismayed to find holiday ornaments, wrapping paper, and bows, slipping into retail stores. It's only October 9th, take this back to the storeroom, I wanted to yell. People make jokes about holiday retail getting earlier each year, and this year I think retailers may have leaped forward another four weeks. We have two more holidays ahead of us before it's time for holly and mistletoe and menorahs. But, I am happy to report that my concerns with holiday overtake were alleviated when I walked the halls of the school this afternoon and found some fantastic sugar and pastillage projects on display. Thanks pastry students for your homage to all things ghoul, scream, and orange-and-black-crepe-paper related. I am saving my mulled apple cider in a Frosty mug and turkey leg for another month. —Liesel Davis

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