Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Urbanites, Take Note

It's exciting to watch students from any of our classes go out and do exciting things with what they have learned, whether that be for home cooks or for professionals. Kate McDonough, who has taken a variety of classes at the school (a master class with Marcella Hazan, The Craft of Food Writing with Alan Richman, some short courses at The Italian Culinary Academy, and most recently she completed our intensive Culinary Techniques for amateurs) has just had her first book published. The City Cook, edited by McDonough, is based on her blog of the same name, which has drawn quite a following since it's inception, with it's mission to be a "guide for urbanites looking for ways to fit great cooking into a busy life and a small kitchen."

This is the perfect read for weekend warrior bakers, week night kitchen bunglers, or anyone else who may want to make cooking a part of their busy city life.

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