Friday, December 10, 2010

Menu Project

Pork Rillete banh mi

Platters of Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, Chinese roast duck rolled into pancakes, steamed fish in banana leaves, and Tom Yam soup filled the white-clothed tables on Wednesday night. Over six class days, five classmates and I roasted, braised, sliced, stewed, and baked everything we could to pull off this buffet, one of our assigned projects in our classic culinary arts program.

Here are some of the dishes we served:

Duck pancakes with scallions and cucumbers
Chinese roast duck with cucumbers and scallions in pancakes

I roasted eight ducks and shredded the meat.

Chinese Roast Duck
Chinese roast duck

Egg rolls with filet mignon and bell peppers
Egg rolls with filet mignon and bell peppers

Buffet overview
Students and teachers fill up their plates.

Causa de camarones
Causa de Camarones, a Peruvian dish with molded layers of mashed potatoes, aji peppers, and shrimp

Tom Yam Soup
Tom Yam soup

Summer rolls with shrimp and basil
summer rolls with shrimp and basil, served with hoisin-peanut sauce

Crispy pork belly and pickled watermelon
deep-fried pork belly with pickled watermelon

Steamed fish in banana leaves
steamed branzino with sticky rice in banana leaves

Coconut flan
coconut flan

Tea-braised lamb
tea-braised lamb stew

Mango lassi and Cinnamon tea
Cold drinks such as mango lassi (front) and Korean cinnamon tea were served.

Stir-fried mushrooms with noodles
stir-fried mushrooms with noodles

Mango Sticky Rice
mango sticky rice

Chinese almond cookies
Chinese almond cookies

Asian Latino buffet group
My classmates, Chef Veronica Lindemann and I (second from right) stand still for a photo. Chef David Oland (not shown) also guided us through the preparation of our buffet.

To see more photos, go to this Flickr page.

Jenny Lee-Adrian is a student in the Classic Culinary Arts program. She has a food blog called Hummingbird Appetite.

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