Friday, April 08, 2011

To the Stars...

Satisfaction for us is to see our students go out and excel in what they have been taught. And nothing is quite as exciting for for someone in the food industry as a James Beard Awards (Oscars for the food folks if you will). We have seen many grads win nominations over the years, and this year we offer our congratulations to the following alumni, whose hard work and talent have landed them a place on this coveted list (some more than once).

Outstanding Restaurant
Dan Barber
(Classic Culinary Arts ‘04)
Blue Hill, New York City

Best Chef: New York City
Wylie Dufresne
(Classic Culinary Arts ‘93)
Wd~50, New York City

Outstanding Restaurant
Marc Vetri
(Art of International Bread Baking ’98)
Vetri, Philadelphia

Best Chef: Northeast
Tim Cushman
(Fundamentals of Wine ‘06)
O Ya, Boston

Rising Star Chef of the Year
Christina Tosi
(Classic Pastry Arts ’04)
Momofuku Restaurant Group,

Best Chef: Midwest
Tory Miller
(Classic Culinary Arts ‘00)
L’Etoile, Madison, WI

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