Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chef Peter Rudolph visits FCI Calfornia

Chef Peter Rudolph

Peter Rudolph, executive chef at Madera, in Menlo Park, California, visited The FCI California last week to do a demo for the students there. Interestingly, he began his career in pastry, but eventually made his way over to the savory side of the kitchen, working 10 years with The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. Chef Peter was awarded his first Michelin star this year.

For his menu, Chef Peter presented an arctic char ballotine, made with arctic char mousse and Louisiana lump crab, with a fried egg, nasturtiums, shaved truffles, and heirloom greens.

Chef Peter showed students how to use a immersion circulator to prepare the dish by using this method to poach the ballotine. He also demonstrated three techniques for making poached and deep-fried eggs.

The eggs bundles and ballotine poach in the circulator at 74 degrees.

After poaching, he dredged the eggs in flour, then dipped it in lightly whisked eggs, and coated the outside in panko before deep-frying to a slight crisp.

Three ways to prepare the eggs, from left: 1. left in the shell and cooked in circulator at 62.4°F; 2. left in the shell and boiled for 5 1/2 minutes; 3. cracked, tied up in plastic wrap, and cooked in circulator at 74°F.

Chef Peter starts the third egg preparation by cracking an egg into a ramekin lined with plastic wrap and then ties the ends together to form a little egg bundle (see above).

the final dish

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