Thursday, June 16, 2011

Give a Little, Get a Lot

A large part of being in the food industry is community. Giving and sharing are inescapable elements in what serving food to others is all about.

As a school, along with education (and good technique!), we are also advocates of investing positively in the community around us. And our chef-instructors, employees, students, and graduates share their passion with a larger community in a multitude of positive ways—ways that support, build, and make life better. Whether sharing food or skills with underserved populations, working tirelessly to improve food in our schools, fighting hunger, getting involved with food policy, or making positive choices in how to run a restaurant, bakery, or food truck, there is so much good that can be done with just a little effort (or sometimes a lot).

Recently, The International Culinary Center of California participated at a Meals on Wheels of San Francisco event, serving food prepared by our chefs along with other area restaurants in an effort to raise money for the program. Meals on Wheels of San Francisco provides daily nutritious meals to homebound seniors, while also providing needful human contact, with the mission of helping these seniors stay in their homes and avoid premature institutionalization through the aid of their supportive services. It was a fun event, and everyone had a great time!

Marc Bauer, master chef and roundsman, New York campus

André Soltner, dean of classic studies, (left) with Jeremy MacVeigh, director of culinary arts, California campus, (right)

André Soltner with Brooke Schwartz, president of International Culinary Center California

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