Monday, July 11, 2011

Where Does Bacon Come From? Pork Butchery with Chef Pascal

The mantra to “never stop learning” is meant not only for our students at The International Culinary Center, but for our chef-instructors as well. We are fortunate to have many experts within our four walls who generously share their talents and techniques—both traditional and of the moment.

Today’s popularity in nose-to-tail eating has ignited new interest in the craft of butchery. At The ICC, this leads us to Chef Pascal Béric. Our resident charcuterie and butchering expert, Chef Pascal recently hosted a workshop for chef-instructors on butchering a pig from head to tail.

Watch artistry in motion as Chef Pascal effortlessly creates the primal cuts of pork: picnic, Boston butt, loin, spare ribs, pork belly/bacon and ham.

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