Monday, December 19, 2011

A Pastry Student Lives Here

By Alicia Valverde

I'm officially on my 4th week here at The International Culinary Center. We've gone through almost 2 units already we just finished tarts, time is seriously flying! I already feel like I've learned so much and I'm still only in my first level. My habits have also slowly started changing as well. I thought that I would never call myself an early riser but here I am, up at 7 in the morning almost every day. I've also never been too much of a neat freak, however, you can catch me every day organizing my desk/tables/etc. as if they're being set up as mise en place.

Some would call that OCD but I'd like to think it's just part of being in this industry. Even my roommate has gotten used to my newly found eccentricities like pounding Play-doh with a rolling pin on the kitchen table the night before a practical to practice my rolling technique or perhaps the trail of flour I leave behind on almost everything. Even though all of this is new, I can genuinely say that my life has easily transitioned to my new position as a student. I think I really did luck out with a patient roommate (and neighbors, sorry for the loud clanking of my KitchenAid), a supporting group of fellow students that never fail to make me laugh, as well as amazing chef-instructors that tolerate (as well as celebrate) my new ways of thinking. To say that I am happy would be an understatement. Catch me in the kitchen smiling covered in a nice thick layer of sweat and flour any time, any day.

Alicia Valverde is a culinary and literary aficionado. She is currently enrolled in the Classic Pastry Arts program.

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