Friday, January 24, 2014

From Brioche to Beehive

By Kaitlin Wayne
Level 1 Classic Pastry Arts 

My Level 1 Pastry Arts class just finished our first bread and vienoisserie unit, and I must say, it went out with a bang. We made one of the greatest desserts I have ever seen - a beehive. This delicious dessert is comprised of buttery brioche soaked in a honey and lavender syrup (made with white wine, vanilla, and lemons), with pastry cream layered in between. The brioche is then covered in a Swiss meringue that is torched to give it a gorgeous golden color, and then topped with honey. If this doesn’t sound perfect enough, we made little bees out of marzipan and even added toasted almond slices as wings.

I was hesitant about this recipe, thinking that the syrup would make this flavorful bread soggy. And I have never been a fan of lavender, I thought it would over power the rest of the flavors. I was completely wrong, it was absolutely delicious. The syrup gave the bread a floral and sweet flavor (the lavender being only a background note), and the pastry cream added a perfectly creamy texture. The meringue added an extra touch of sweetness, and the honey, well, you can never go wrong with honey in my opinion. 

One of the things making this recipe taught me is to always try what you make, even if it includes an ingredient you think you don’t like. You might be pleasantly surprised. All in all, this dessert is amazing! Perhaps more than anything, the presentation is adorable.

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