Friday, February 21, 2014

Advice for International Students: Friendships

Kaitlin Wayne
Professional Pastry Arts 

I didn't know anybody in NYC before making this leap towards my dream of becoming a professional pastry chef. Naturally, I was a bit nervous making the move from Toronto, but was excited more than anything. My first week or so was a bit lonely, and initially making friends was a slow process. Although everyone in my class was extremely friendly, spending time together outside of class was not really mentioned. However, after a couple weeks we all got more comfortable together and made plans outside of the kitchen. Now, I have made some close friends whom I can see having long lasting friendships with.

My advice to international students coming to ICC is put yourself out there and remember that you are your classmates share the same passion and interests. If there is an ideal place to make friends and make connections with people, it's here! Also, many people in your class are in the same boat as you are. They are in a new place surrounded by new faces. New York City can be an intimidating place, but it is also the most amazing city in the world. Enjoying this incredible place is far more fun with friends that it is on your own. 

Cesare Casella – My Path to Success

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Friday, February 07, 2014

L'Ecole's Valentine’s Day Showpiece

By Kaitlin Wayne
Level 2 Professional Pastry Arts Student
In case any of you havn't already seen the gorgeous Valentine’s Day Showpiece featured in the front window of L'Ecole you definitely have to check it out. Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer in the production and assembly of the sugar display. I was so excited to volunteer for this, as I was very disappointed that my class started too late to help out with the jaw dropping gingerbread house showpiece around Christmas time.

On my first day of volunteering, I'll admit I was completely intimidated. The chefs and students were complete professionals; their work was so beautiful. Seeing as I have yet to reach the sugar and pastillage units in my class, I was all the more amazed. The way the chefs showed me how everything was made completely blew me away. 

A couple of my fellow classmates and I started out by making sugar paste. Many of the ingredients we could not even pronounce, much less know what purpose they served in the recipe. However, with the helpful guidance of the chefs we completed the sugar paste and it turned out great.

In the following days we hand shaped decorations, glued them, and finally put the final piece together in the front window. The showpiece is made almost entirely of sugar. Sugar roses, hearts, swirls and grass - simply incredible! As beautiful as it was, it was a challenge hanging it in the window because everything was so delicate. In the end, we got it done and I am so proud that I was able to help out in creating this piece of art.

If you are near Broadway and Grand Street in Soho, N.Y., make sure you stop by to admire our hard work. And don't forget to take a picture with your Valentine! Share your pic with @ICCedu on Twitter or Instagram with #ICCValentine.

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